Run Flat Tyres

Run Flat Features :

A reinforced sidewall which does not collapse if the tyre is punctured.

Run Flat Benefits :

If a puncture is experienced, most manufacturers permit you to drive at up to 50mph for up to 50 miles.

Run Flat Issues :
  • Handling is stiffened, with many drivers complaining of reduced grip levels.

  • A punctured run flat cannot be repaired with plugs.

  • Most manufacturers insist on replacing two tyres, so for example if you puncture your front left, you have to replace both fronts.

  • Run flats cost 30% more than regular tyres.

Using Punctureseal in run flats :
  • Punctureseal can be installed in run flats.

  • It has been installed in a 2010 BMW 320D and run with no problems for 25,000 miles.

          (Continental SportContact 2 SSR’s with spec 225/45 R17 91V)

  • It has been run at 120 mph. (on German unrestricted Autobahn.)

Summary :
  •  If you have Punctureseal in regular tyres, you do not need to purchase run flats.

  • Normal tyres + Punctureseal cost less than run flats.

  • If you experience a puncture, with Punctureseal it is sealed and tyre usage continues. With run flats, you have to replace the tyre.

  • Punctureseal saves you having to suffer the stiff handling of run flats without losing run flat protection.