Return on Investment

Punctures, caused by debris left on (and off) our roads, are an irritating and expensive – yet mostly avoidable – fact of life for every person or company, who owns or operates any vehicle with pneumatic tyres. As long as this debris exists, and tyres remain under-inflated due to poor maintenance and the natural porosity caused by their manufacturing process, this will continue to happen.


Dangerous blow-outs can occur, when tyres are run too hot, caused by incorrect pressures and the impact damage caused by road debris. This can result in a worst case scenario having a catastrophic effect on peoples’ lives, can seriously reduce a company’s profitability, and at best can disrupt personal freedom.


Incorrect tyre maintenance can also be a major contributor to higher fuel costs and can increase your fuel consumption by up to 6.25%.




Under Inflation %     Reduced Tyre Life %    Lower Fuel Usage %

10%                                                                 5%                               2.00%

15%                                                              20%                                3.00%

20%                                                              28%                                4.50%

30%                                                              37%                                6.25%



Under inflation may not only be reducing your profit margin by increasing tyre wear therefore increasing tyre purchase costs, it will be lowering your profit margin by reducing fuel economy and increasing tyre maintenance costs. Add to this calculation the cost of the time your people spend checking tyre pressures. You have a duty of care to ensure this work is done.