Retail Customers

We sell our products in three sizes of Jugs. The Jugs are offered in 900ml, 2.3L and 4.6L sizes, containing 31, 78 and 156 unit respectively. We offer a larger 18.9L Pails which contains 640 units.  A unit is 30ml of product.


How many units to use? This depends on the size of your tyres, and we have a Dosage calculator that allows you to calculate how much to use. A rough guide is 4 units for a bicycle, 15-21 units for a car tyre depending on size.


Prices quoted include delivery to the UK. For UK customers, prices also include VAT at 20%. EU customers will need to supply a VAT code or we will be required to add 20% VAT. Delivery costs to the EU and beyond are higher, so please call for a quote. For deliveries outside of the EU, import duties may apply at the customer's expense.

Resources :

Product grades - Commercial and Extreme Heavy Duty (XHD)

Information on Jug sizes

Information on Pails

Installation instructions for Commercial 900ml / 2.3L / 4.6L and Extreme Heavy Duty 900ml / 2.3L / 4.6L

How much product do I need?

Trade customer information

Retail customer information