Punctureseal is a liquid tyre sealant added to new tyres that continuously stands on guard to protect tyres of all shapes and sizes. It uses a blend of chemicals which includes fibres, polymers and Thixogel™. Once installed into a tyre through the valve, Punctureseal changes any ordinary pneumatic tyre into a “Puncture-Proof” tyre capable of :

  • Sealing punctures caused by objects up to 6.3mm (¼ inch) on road vehicles, using our Commercial Grade product.

  • Up to 12mm (½ inch) on road and heavy duty off road vehicles using our Extreme Heavy Duty Grade.

  • Maintaining CORRECT air pressure.

  • Sealing all porosity leaks.

  • Sealing minor rim leaks.

Benefits :
  • Improved fuel economy (2%–6.5%)

  • 5%-37% longer tyre life

  • Puncture prevention = Driver safety

  • Reduced vehicle down time

  • 5 month return on investment

  • Product lasts the life of the tyre

  • Operates -40c to +150c

We sell our product in a 18.9L Pail size, or Jugs ranging from 900ml to 4.6L.

Commercial grade

Commercial grade is good for regular on road vehicles including cars and vans. You can also use it in bicycles and trailer tyres.

Extreme Heavy Duty grade

Extreme Heavy Duty Grade is good for off-road, agricultural and larger commercials vehicles. It also serves the large plant market.

Military grade

Military grade is for specialist military applications.