Our Pail product is aimed for the trade customers with multiple vehicle requirements, and resellers. If you have a single vehicle requirement, visit our retail page.

Our pail product, sold with a manual pump, contains 18.9L of product, or 640 units (30ml). This is sufficient to treat 7 to11 cars, depending on tyre size. The Pail is suitable for multi vehicle solutions. We supply two grades of product in Pails, Commercial grade, good for bicycles, motorbikes, cars and vans, and Extreme Heavy Duty, good for larger vehicles and off road applications. If the Pail size is too big for you, we offer our Jug range which offers 900ml, 2.3L and 4.6L choices. You can order a Pail by contacting our sales team. Alternatively, we also sell on eBay. Please remember we have an online dosage calculator that will help you determine how much product to use. Trade customers looking to treat multiple vehicles should consider the 18.9L Pail size and manual pump, referring to our trade page.