Where the rubber hits the road - Punctureseal knows that for Bikers, tyres play a vital role in rider safety and enjoyment. Punctureseal is a spare wheel, PRE-INSTALLED. Are you really excited by an early morning or late night puncture stranded beside a motorway? In short, with Punctureseal you’ll rider day and night, but more relaxed.

Punctureseal cures the porosity inherent in all tyres. In doing this, it reduces tyre temperature so evident when under-inflated tyres are put under stress. They have to work harder, but less efficiently when they only have a limited amount of air in them. You won’t always notice that stress, immediately. By reducing porosity your tyres stay at the correct temperature for longer, so reducing wear. In the unlikely event that you do suffer a blow out, if it’s a front tyre sudden failure, shift your weight on the seat towards the back while gently applying the rear brake. Concentrate on steering and coming to a gradual stop where safe to do so. If you suffer a rear tyre blow out the bike will lurch from side to side, stay seated as you are and gently apply the front brake, again while coming to a gradual stop where safe to do so. A pretty rare event, but one we promise you won’t forget. Read the motorbike case study.

While Punctureseal  can operate at speeds up to 160mph, we do not recommend the product for competition biking.

Benefits :
  • Puncture prevention

  • Lower bike downtime

  • Maintain tyre pressures

  • Save fuel

  • Extend tyre life

  • Enhanced safety

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