Military Grade

In the endeavour to achieve recognition for the Punctureseal product and in conjunction with numerous ballistics experts, it achieved the seemingly impossible and made an ordinary pneumatic tyre bullet resistant. The result of the testing program was an amazing achievement which conforms to the requirements of the BS5051 'Ballistic' Standard - a world first for a tyre safety product!

This exacting Standard maintained that the Punctureseal Military product had to be effective in the control of air pressure loss from a tyre, whilst allowing the vehicle to be drivable for a sufficient distance to remove the vehicle from the immediate threat.


The threat in question was being shot at from a distance of 10-metres with 7.62 and 5.56 NATO rounds, a 9mm round, and finally a 12g (1oz) solid 15mm diameter shotgun slug, all of which the Punctureseal product coped admirably with - much to the amazement of those in attendance, most of the damage inflicted by the ammunition was sealed with very little air loss at all!

We sell our product in a 18.9L Pail size, or Jugs ranging from 900ml to 4.6L.

Further Punctureseal military grade information be supplied on request.