How it works

When a tyre is punctured, Punctureseal is forced against the puncturing object, or into the wound it leaves. Special fibres entwine forming a clot. When exposed to outside air the seal hardens, becoming impervious to water, rain, snow and mud.

Start with a new tyre

Punctureseal lines the inside of the tyre

A nail penetrates
the tyre

On removing the nail, the air pressure in the tyre forces some Punctureseal out of the tyre, as the rubber attempts to recover its original position. It is the little pieces of rubber in Punctureseal that seals the gap, permanently.

The tyre returns to its original state. Unlike 'get me home' products, you can keep driving

Advisory :

If you find a nail or screw in your tyre, follow this procedure :


  1. If the object is in the sidewall, replace the tyre.

  2. If the object is in the tread area, unscrew the screw or pull out the nail.

  3. Immediately drive 3km / 2 miles.

  4. Check you air pressures. You may need to top up 0.5 to 1 PSI.


It is critically important to follow step 3 after removal of a foreign object from your tyre. Get your tyres checked regularly for damage and never drive if your tread depth is below the legal minimum.