Commission Partners

A Punctureseal Commission Partner is someone who wants to refer business to Punctureseal and benefit financially from the referral. The person involved does not however want to become a full blown Reseller / Distributor.
In summary, £ for converted leads.

  • Q: How much do I get paid?

  • A: Between 2% and 10%, depending on the work you do. 2% if you pass over a contact for us to call. 10% if you qualify the lead and the sale is quick and easy.


  • Q: What is the process?

  • A: We require you to register your lead with us. Registering the lead is a per-requisite to getting paid, and cannot happen after the customer has purchased.


  • Q: What is the difference between a Commission Partner and a Reseller?

  • A: Resellers commit time and resources to finding customers. They are required to purchase stock, and in return receive a high level of support, training and guidance. Commission Partners refer leads. It is however possible for a Commission Partner to upgrade to a Reseller status if their annual sales levels meet our minimum requirements.


  • Q: What support do I get?

  • A: You will have access to all our Sales brochures, training literature and technical documents.


  • Q: Can I be listed on the Punctureseal web site?

  • A: No. This is reserved for resellers.