Commercial Grade

Designed for use in domestic and commercial vehicles operating at motorway speeds. Provides enhanced puncture protection. Seals punctures up to ¼” (6mm). Also popular choice for quad bikes and recreational vehicles of all types. Not recommended for heavy duty off-road vehicles and equipment.

Commercial grade is good for :


  • Bicycles

  • Motorbikes

  • Cars

  • SUV's

  • Vans


Commercial grade will operate to the speed rating of the installed tyre.

We sell our product in a 18.9L Pail size, or Jugs ranging from 900ml to 4.6L.

Resources :

Product grades - Commercial and Extreme Heavy Duty (XHD)

Information on Jug sizes

Information on Pails

Installation instructions for Commercial 900ml / 2.3L / 4.6L and Extreme Heavy Duty 900ml / 2.3L / 4.6L

How much product do I need?