Product benefits :
  • Improved fuel economy (2%–6.5%)

  • 5%-37% longer tyre life

  • Puncture prevention = Driver safety

  • Reduced vehicle down time

  • 5 month average return on investment

  • Product lasts the life of the tyre

  • Operates -40c to +150c

Lasts The Life Of The Tyre

Punctureseal contains a number of additives that protect the rubber from deterioration and can easily outlast the tyre’s service life. Punctureseal’s performance is not diminished by speed, distance or time.

Extends Tyre Life

Punctureseal has been tested and proven to maintain air pressure, retard aging within the casing, reduce heat build-up and increase tyre life on an average of 25% and higher in many cases.

Protects Against Under Inflation

Punctureseal has the ability to eliminate porosity, air migration and seepage, thereby allowing the tyre to maintain optimum air pressure, preventing tread separation & zipper ruptures.

Increases Re-Treadability

Punctureseal has the ability to protect against the inception of tread and ply separations caused by air migration between the plies of new and retread tyres, thereby resulting in additional retread cycles and extended casing life.

Retards Dry-Rot & Casing Degradation

Punctureseal has the ability to retard dry rot and aging from within the tyre, which increases the life of any tubeless tyre casing.

Safety Factor

Punctureseal provides safety factors that are not found in any tyre. Punctureseal will not mask or hide damage that has breached the integrity of the tyre. Punctureseal is specially formulated to allow any serious puncture (potentially dangerous) to slowly bleed air and Punctureseal out of the wound, thereby allowing the tyre to deflate in a controlled manner. This attribute provides safety and aids in alleviating the hazards associated with blowouts.

Protects The Entire Inner Surface Of The Tyre

Punctureseal's Thixogel™ provides a 2-3mm thick jelly coating that clings to the entire tread area surface of the tyre. The sidewalls and rim areas are protected by the saturated air solution within the inner air-cavity, thereby providing protection for the tyre at all times.

Positive Sealing Capabilities

Punctureseal repairs are positive and secure, thereby transforming any tyre into a self-sealing tyre. Punctureseal Commercial Grade is capable of sealing tread area punctures caused by puncturing objects up to

     • 6.3mm in diameter with the Commercial Grade

     • 12mm with the Extreme Heavy Duty Grade

as long as the puncturing object has not severely damaged and/or weakened the tyres structural integrity (and). Punctureseal can not create a secure repair in any tyre that has major internal damage, regardless of the puncturing object's diameter.

Water-Soluble (for easy clean up)

Punctureseal is completely water-soluble in its liquid state, and leaves no residue when rinsed with plain water. Yet it will not dissolve within a wound after it has cured. Standard repairing procedures can be utilized without additional effort.

Protection Against Rust & Corrosion

Punctureseal contains a complete rust and corrosion inhibiting system that not only protects steel and alloy wheels, but in a wound, Punctureseal's proprietary process will also protect the tyre’s steel belts. Outside contaminants are prevented from leaching back into the wound which would cause the steel belts to rust and the plies to separate. Without Punctureseal's protection, the contaminants would quickly destroy valuable casings.

Cannot Create A Balance Problem

Punctureseal can not create an imbalance due to its fluidity and ability to evenly coat the entire inner surface of the tread area of the tyre caused by the centrifugal force generated by the revolving wheel. If, however the vehicle’s suspension is worn beyond normal tolerances or a tyre/rim assembly is not balanced and/or trued correctly, the abnormal centrifugal force generated may have enough gravitational force to cause some Punctureseal to collect in the apogee or “high spot” area thereby increasing the "existing" imbalance problem. If the problem becomes severe the driver may feel a vibration from the front axle or rear axle or both. The vibration indicates that a problem pre-existed in the tyre assembly or suspension prior to installing Punctureseal and to avoid this it is recommended that the balance and trueness of a tyre assembly and/or the worthiness of the front suspension be verified, prior to the installation of Punctureseal.

Features :
Eliminates Most Flats & Blowouts

The majority of flats and blowouts are a result of driver negligence with the number one cause being excessive heat generated from under-inflation. The overheated, under inflated tyre becomes soft and can be penetrated very easily, however, under inflation creates additional problems such as tread separations, ply separations and zipper ruptures. All of the above is primarily caused by porosity (natural air migration) which exists in all tyres to some degree. Punctureseal eliminates air migration and prevents the majority of damage created by under inflation, thereby preventing most related blowouts.