Installed in new tyres, Punctureseal prevents punctures. It also extends tyre life by 25%, save you 3 tanks of fuel a year.

Welcome to Punctureseal


Watch a car drive over nails and not puncture


Punctureseal is a liquid tyre sealant added to new tyres that continuously stands on guard to protect tyres of all shapes and sizes. It uses a blend of chemicals which includes fibres, polymers and kevlar. Once installed into a tyre through the valve, Punctureseal changes any ordinary pneumatic tyre into a “Puncture-Proof” tyre


Punctureseal doesn't just protect you from punctures. It maintains tyre pressures, leading to reduced tyre wear and reduced fuel consumption. Even if you don't get a puncture, you will get a return on your investment.



When a tyre is punctured, Punctureseal is forced against the puncturing object, or into the wound it leaves. Special fibres entwine forming a clot. When exposed to outside air the seal hardens, becoming impervious to water, rain, snow and mud.


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