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Punctureseal, sold in Commercial and Extreme Heavy Duty grades, prevents punctures, increases life of tyres and reduces fuel consumption. Fast return on investment. Resellers welcome. Mobile apps available for doesage, case studies and videos.

Welcome to Punctureseal

Our product, installed in new tyres, will extend the life of your tyres by 25%, save you 3 tanks of fuel a year.

More importantly, it will PREVENT MOST PUNCTURES. LEARN MORE

Picture of tyre cut away with Punctureseal Punctureseal being installed to a tractor tyre
photo of a crashed car on a motorway


We are looking for resellers - Get setup for £500 including product, training and support. Visitor our reseller resources to learn more

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Soza Health Sreening Located at
Churchlands, Kirdford, Billingshurst, RH14 0LP, UK.
Phone: +44 (0) 1428 656 554 http://www.punctureseal.com
Punctureseal Located at
Churchlands, Kirdford, Billingshurst, RH14 0LP UK.
Punctureseal logo Phone: +44 (0) 1428 656 554
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Churchlands, Kirdford, Billingshurst, West Sussex,
RH14 0LP, UK.

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